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Message From CEO

Message From CEO

I love Ramen.
Therefore, I decided to be an owner of Ramen shop.
I have eaten more than 500 hundreds of ramen every year since I have ramen shop.
The reason why I eat a lot of ramen is not just for my career, but I just love it.
Ramen is really mysterious food. It makes people happy somehow.
And then, it also makes people feel like eating ramen again.

I have a dream.
I want people all over the world to eat ramen, national dishes of Japan.
Someday, I can see people all over the world eat Ramen, they smile,
and I can see ramen shop everywhere like ramen is national dishes.

To make my dream,
I’m always waiting for somebody who wants to join our group.
Do you want to be a part of our group?
If you’re interested in, please send e-mail below,
E-mail: Sawa Ryuichiro, CEO of soupbeat
Sawa Ichiro, CEO of soupbeat